Sunday, April 10, 2011

Santa Baby!

I have finished making Santa Stockings for a customer. Plus, I made a stocking for myself. Really, it's so I can write a pattern for it. I think it's the cutest...don't you?

The stocking is basically a big ol' sock with an intarsia Santa face knit into it.

There is Santa without his jolly face. To make the beard you need to make fringe. I did it by cutting a 4" strip along the long side of a page of card stock. Then, folded the paper in half and gently wrapped the yarn around it a whole bunch of times. I slipped my sharp Fiscars in between the folded paper and cut the along the two edges to make a boat load of fringe. Making fringe takes me back to my childhood. I've been doing it since I was...maybe...8.

Here's how I apply the fringe. So simple, just use a crochet hook to pull a 4" piece if yarn (folded in half) under a stitch and thread the cut end through the loop.

On to writing the pattern!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Intarsia in full bloom

Here is my little Intarsia flower. An advertising visual for my class. A couple of things to note:
  • Most charts have squares yet a knit stitch is really wider than it is tall. Can you see the difference?
  • This swatch is still a hot mess. It will look better once I weave in the tails which will take away those holes you see.
Yep, hot mess

A little drench in water and look at how fabulous it is! Getting knitting wet is a way of making the stitches sing Kumbaya, getting together to make your project look crisp and beautiful!

The only thing more fabulous than this spring flower is...

the back! I have found a needle that is perfect for weaving in tails. It is called a chenille needle. It's big enough to use with yarn with a very sharp point that allows you to split the ply and bury your tails for a perfect finish!